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Kraft Reviews

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  • Kraft lunchables missing items and very messy packaging.

    I always buy lunchables on a regular trip to Walmart. I am so upset with how things were packaged. My cookies have been crushed as well as my crackers and I also had been missing a piece of cheese in one of them. I am very dissatisfied with this. I also had eaten the turkey and american cheese and it made me so sick I thought I was going to have to go to the hospital. I am not one to complain or be upset but I feel like I am eating old food and its not even properly packaged. More...
    (Legal Services)
    Savanna7's Picture   Savanna7    0 Comments   Comments
  • Kraft Cheese

    Velveeta (2lb) loaf, 210061161 I went to open and the wrap was not completely around the whole loaf of cheese so needless to say it was dried out. Sorry I could not return to store when I purchase this product I buy at least 3 at a time so I don't keep receipts. Just hoping that maybe you could help out this product is not cheap. More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    spoodle103's Picture   spoodle103    0 Comments   Comments
  • Spoiled Meat

    Purchased 10 for $10 at Publix in which I purchased $40 worth to donate to after school kids at my kids school parents complained the meat in some of them made their kids sick which was very embarrassing for me as well as my kids the date was good however kids and parents stated the meat had very odd taste to it which was a waste of time and money when i;m always trying to donate and help out with the kids i'm sure nothing will get done just sucks I loose while trying to help out kids my children have to see everyday! I would appreciate if someone would respond my email is... More...
    (Parenting, Nannies, Babies, Family)
    shenica32's Picture   shenica32    0 Comments   Comments
  • Lunchables Missing Product

  • Missing Ingredients!!!

    My children (three total) refuse to eat anything other than the Pepperoni Pizza Lunchables for lunch [packed for school]. The last bulk batch we bought has warranted complaints from my children every day after school. Apparently, their Lunchables weren't fully stocked with pepperoni or cheese. They said they ended up eating one pepperoni & cheese pizza, one cheese pizza (because the pepperoni are now gone from the first pizza; usually has three pep's per pizza with nine total but these only had three total) and then had to eat one SAUCE pizza because now the pepperoni AND... More...
  • Kraft cottage cheese

    I bought two containers of simply kraft cottage cheese 4% large curd 24oz containers last week from wal-mart. containers were stamped W4 36-2158 and both expire in late aug 15'. There were both very liquid-like. Much more so then normally and the taste was also not quite right. We did not open them for several days and consequently did not have a receipt to return them with--is it possible to get a refund from Kraft? More...
    metaphillip's Picture   metaphillip    0 Comments   Comments
  • kraft high fructose corn syrup

    Why are you using this chemically changed product - You now put in Miracle Whip - Shake and Bake - Oven Fry - every product you make except for cheese (but if there was a way you put it there too) - how much does the corn lobby pay you - HFCS is just as bad as MSG - a lot of people are highly allergic - I always thought you were a responsible company - wrong - See more at: More...
    MichonFay's Picture   MichonFay    0 Comments   Comments
  • kraft mixed nuts having no pecans in it when it says it does

    I've been buying planters salted mixed nuts for years its my favorite kind of nuts. my favorite nut is pecans and in my last 6 contains there has been none what the heck I pay that extra money to open the container and go thru them and not receive any when the picture on the contain shows at least 2 or more of that kind. its false advertising its not right. if your gonna say its in there a last put it in there that is wrong for me spend my money and it not being in there. More...
    taz7735's Picture   taz7735    0 Comments   Comments
  • Simply Kraft cottage cheese

    Tried this cottage several times. First time thought the fact that it was sour and spoiled tasting was just a fluke. Bought it again. Repugnant. Wife bought it recently unaware that I had purchased and decided never again. She was unable to eat more than a bit. Expiration date was a month away but it tasted like it was already turning. Have found so many complaints about this product. I'm amazed that you are still selling it. Are you no longer concerned for the reputation of your brand. I am now turned off to all Kraft products. WalMart's generics taste better and cost... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    landon's Picture   landon    1 Comments   Comments
  • Ranch top replacement sucks

    I know that craft has gone to the original and I can't even remember the original. My complaint is thte fact that you have taken away the top with the small whole in it replaced it with that wide gapping whole that pours too much ranch dressing out at once. Why change something if its not broken. Go back to the ranch the way it was. please !!!!!!!!!!! More...
    londakaye's Picture   londakaye    0 Comments   Comments
  • Leak?

    It may be of your interest about this damaged product. We bought a 4 pack of boxes of 10, Capri Sun pouches. The first box was fine and normal. The second box was warped and looked like it had water damage. As we were using this 2nd box, pouches were a bit sticky and finally we saw a pouch that was a very different size than the others, quite flattened. We are on the third box, the outside of it is water damaged a bit too but, no further deformed pouches so far. We kept the box the damaged one was in and the pouch that was questionable and are using the other boxes of juice for our... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
  • comercial

    Me parece una groseria en un anuncio que tienen en univision canal de san francisco, donde sale una mujer enbarazada y el hijo de la mujer enbarazada de dice a un amigo que se aserca a saludar esta persona tiene sobre peso y el estomago grande , el nino le pregunta si tambien esta enbarazado!!!! es de muy mal gusto fundamenta la falta de respeto y la poca educacion de la gente para las personas con sobre peso y sobre todo un nino faltandole al respeto a un adulto , no me parece nada gracioso me parece una falta de respeto y groseria estoy muy molesta , me parece poco etico y profecional de... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Are you listening?

    I wrote to Kraft about the scary Mom threatening her children for taking the junk food Jello TEMPTATIONS, that is the way they referred to it in my reply back from them. All caps, like "do you get it?, it's for adults." I can think of many better ways to get that across. This commercial has made me not buy from the Kraft family of foods. This commercial is reprehensible. They do not seem to care. More...
  • Low Salt Bacon Disappoints

    I purchased as I have done for years some low salt bacon to make the kids this AM from Fresh Direct EST 537Gkey 447700019917 in New York City. The bacon is 90% fat and sliced so thin I could not remove a single strip from the pack. At almost $7 a pack I feel cheated that I would be giving my kids just fat. Having Bacon is a tradition we have had for hears, and I have never seen such a poor quality batch of bacon! More...
    scubadannyc's Picture   scubadannyc    1 Comments   Comments

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Kraft Comments

david326 says: (3 years ago)
I recently purchased Two boxes of mac and cheese. I have loved this product forever! However I notice you have changed the recipe, A 1/2 cup of milk is now required as opposed to 1/4 cup of milk. the color of the cheese mix is much lighter and it now tastes like all the cheap house brands out there. I am returning the 2nd box and I am very disappointed with it now. Sadly I will miss this product I have loved the past 30 years.

david326 says: (3 years ago)
I purchased 2 boxes of Kraft Mac and cheese. I have loved this product forever. However this Product has changed!, it now reguires a Half cup of milk as it previously called for 1/4 cup. The cheese powder is much lighter in color and the taste now is just as bad as the cheaper House brands. I don't want this anymore, change it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

santas says: (5 years ago)
I bought 4 boxes of Jell-O cook and serve Tapioca pudding. I have used/made this many times. This time I thought what is wrong. It was very powdery and would stick on the sides of the pan. It seemed like it would not dissolve in the milk. I cooked it as usual working harder at it. I chilled it. When my husband and I tasted it, we looked at each other and said yuk. This is not usual, what happened? The date on the boxes are, 22 SEP 2014 D8 1019 Aug-12 LUM-6166815 19838 and 01 JUN 2014 D8 0216 also May 12 LUM6126532 119838. DA

meyers40 says: (7 years ago)
I want to comment on the scary Mom commercial about the new Jello product for adults. With all the bullying going on in the schools this commercial only comes across looking like the Parents are bullying the children for taking something out of the fridge. I believe a Parent could do this without scaring their children before sending them to bed.

Joy Meyers

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